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1st Weekend of Advent

Santa On The Beach


Christmas everywhere – or what exactly do they celebrate on Bali?

There are many religious festivals and public holidays on the Indonesian island of Bali. How, when and why are these festivals celebrated? What do the decorations look like?
Led by: Ni Ketut Warsini, Bali


Christmas in Zimbabwe

Christmas impressions from the southern African country of Zimbabwe
Creative activity: festive jewellery made from glass pearls
Led by: Virginia Hetze, Zimbabwe


Peruvian Retablos

Make your own Peruvian-inspired retablos (crib boxes or foldable card) to paint, cut out and glue together.
Led by: Susana Fernàndes de Friboese, Peru


How is Christmas celebrated in Ghana?

Information and images of a Christmas celebration in Ghana.
Creative activity: typical Ghanaian Christmas hats
Lead by: Mark Kofi Asamoah, Ghana


How do children celebrate in Mexico?

Images and stories of Christmas time in Mexico
Creative activity: Mexican Christmas stars
Lead by: Yariela Badtke, Mexiko


How is Christmas celebrated in Mozambique?

In Mozambique, Christmas is the time when the cashew nut is ripe, while the cashew tree loooks similar to the typical European Christmas trees. That's why the cashew nut is the centre of attention here.
Lead by: Carlita Zefanias Nhatsave, Mozambique


Christmas in Ecuador

Stories and tales relating to Ecuadorian Christmas traditions
Creative activity: worry dolls
Lead by: Fanny Wenzel, Ecuador


Christmas in Brazil

And how is Christmas celebrated in South America's largest country? Come and find out!
Lead by: Kaluanã


How to celebrate in India? – Festivities under palm trees

Lead by: Gunda Wichmann-Zahn, Germany

A fair Christmas for everyone – taste and buy fair trade products


Where does the chocolate grow?

The long journey from cocoa cultivation in Ghana to the shelves in Germany. Christmas without chocolate would be unthinkable.
Lead by: Elizabeth Asamoah, Ghana

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1st Weekend Of Advent
Santa On The Beach

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