Photo: Felix Fischeder

Food and drink at the FEZ Berlin


Our Rooftop Restaurant 

Our rooftop restaurant on the 4th floor invites guests to sit inside or out on the terrace. Have a good rest and stay a while to enjoy some of our tasty dishes and beverages.

Monday to Sunday: 12pm-2:30pm

Café Alfons

If you haven't been here, you should come by! Our modern café in the FEZ, situated right next to the swimming pool, is highly popular with guests both big and small. Our most popular servings are the Maultaschen (Swabian-style ravioli) with mushrooms, leek, bacon and egg, the onion tart (Zwiebelkuchen) and the chai latte. If you like to play chess, you will find an opponent here on Thursdays at 5pm.

Monday to Sunday: 11am-6pm

Green Buffet

Mondays to Fridays: 8am-10am

Beach Café

Open every weekend during the summer at the outdoor pond (subject to weather)

Ice Cream Pavillion

Open every weekend during the summer at the toy rental point in the big playground (subject to weather)

Operated by

Adriana Felipe Miguel

Tel: 0151 404 35 405


Note: dishes with pork and vegetarian dishes are marked as such.