27th Puppet Theatre Festival

Sat 25th + Sun 26th November, 10am to 6pm

Come and listen to all the stories that our artists have to tell. Whether in big halls or small rooms, there are 19 stages of classic puppet theatre. There'll be traditional stories told in the traditional way and there'll be new interpretations told in a modern way.

Our curator, Stefan Maatz has done the hard work, visiting the stages, inviting the shows and preparing everything for the festival. In the stories that Virginia and Stefan tell, Pettersson gets a Christmas visit. Look forward to this and many more unique productions.


26. Puppentheaterfest

Here you'll find an overview about when and where everything takes place, ordered by date and time.

What's On?

26. Puppentheaterfest

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Sponsored By:

Christian Bahrmann, KiKANiNCHEN
Finally, it's here! Once again, the curtains are about to be raised for the Puppet Theatre Festival. Edition 27 will of course be full of exciting stories, magical adventures and wonderful fairy tales.


Behind The Scenes

There's also be a small exhibition featuring handmade puppets as well as scenes from the world of puppet theatre as taken by puppet maker Weinhold.

Other Activities

Sporting activities and fun games are also taking place in the multi-purpose hall while there are a range of crafting activities in the upper foyer. These are all including in the ticket price.
In addition, there's a room for young children which includes a nursing and changing area.

How It Works

Your ticket entitles you to attend the performance you have booked. You can this use this ticket to attend a 2nd performance at no extra cost, provided that tickets are still available at the box office. When getting tickets for this second performance, simply show the original tickets you bought.
*No legal entitlement to attend a second performance exists.

Susi & Us: To Look Or To Look Away

Sat + Sun from 12pm to 6pm | Recommended for ages 10+
An exhibition based on the book "Susi, die Enkelin von Haus Nummer 4" which deals with the topic of when to intervene and when to look away. The focus of the exhibition is Susi Collm, a Jewish girl who was forced into hiding in the 1940s. A visit to the museum is included in your ticket to the Puppet Theatre Festival.

Saturday Evening Production

Sa 25. November, 20 Uhr
Wasserklang - The Story Of A Water Droplet
A musical fairy tale about the environment by Kabinet Mirage

Tickets: €6.00 per person (available online only)
Online ticket for the evening production

Opening Hours & Tickets

Sat 25th + Sun 26th November, 10am to 6pm
Ticket office opens from 10am for remaining tickets 

Ticket per show: €12.00 per person
Family Ticket per show: €9.50 per person
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