Puppet Theatre

Little Red Riding Hood

Puppentheater Böhmel, ages 3+

Recommended for Kita/Vorschulkinder , 3+

Bad things can happen if you don't listen to your mother's advice. Indeed this story could have ended very badly indeed, after Little Red Riding Hood failed to heed her mother's warnings about the evil wolf. Thankfully, up pops a Kasper in the role of the sick forester. Similar to the British Punch character from Punch & Judy, the Kasper ensures much laughter and audience participation. Lessons in tolerance and awareness also play a key role.

Puppet Stage, ages 3+, 50 minutes 
Unreserved seating
Tickets for weekend and public holiday productions grant the ticket holder access to the event in the FEZ main building.

Puppet theatre productions on school days require prior registration and will only take place if there are 10 bookings.

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