Youth & The 2021 Election

"MISCHMIT" is a chance for the youth to have their say and discuss ideas in the run-up to the German election. Join our livestream on 14th August.

At MISCHMIT! young people and young adults have the opportunity to join together with politicans and experts to discuss various political topics and make their voices heard.

Approximately 1 month before the German federal election and the state elections, we are hosting a livestream where you can put questions to the politicians and experts. It's a chance for everyone to discuss important topics together.

"How does the electoral system work?"; "What are the aims of the various parties?" and "Why do I have so little say as someone under 18?" - These are all very much questions that will be covered.
A variety of studio games, videos and excerpts from our very own news corner will deal with these topics and help to deepen our understanding and engagement.

Florian Prokop  - freelance presenter, journalist and actor.

Dr. Susanna Kahlefeld (MdA)- chair and spokesperson for participation and inclusion at the Berlin Abgeordnetenhauses

Samira Ghandour – press officer at Fridays for Future Berlin

Thalia Schoeller – Youth activist

Richard Gamp - chair and spokesperson of the Pupils' Committee for Reinickendorf

Felix Stephanowitz (requested) – Chair of the State Pupils' Committee for Berlin






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    FAKT! - Jugend mischt mit is an initiative from the FEZ Berlin that researches, creates and holds projects and events about politics and offer topics related to current affairs such as sustainability, climate protection, discrimination and political engagement.