Michel: Weihnachten in Lönneberga, Foto: Jörg Metzner


Michel: Christmas in Lönneberga

Astrid Lindgren Stage

Recommended for Kita/Vorschulkinder , Primary school , 4+ , 1.-6. Klasse

Christmas is just around the corner and preparations are in full swing at Katthultshof in Lönneberga but not everyone is having a good time. The inhabitants of the village's poor house are not treated well by the poor house's owner  Maduskan. She only gives them salted herring on Christmas Eve and keeps for herself the food that Michel's mother sent. To get around Maduskan, Michel has an idea... he'll invite the poor to the Christmas family feast. He captures extra food in his wolf pit and everyone is able to enjoy the Christmas they deserve.
A touching story based on the work by Astrid Lindgren, which shows the gap in society between rich and poor and how important it is to share what we've got.

Astrid Lindgren Stage, ages 4-11, 60 minutes
Unreserved seating
Tickets for weekend and public holiday productions grant the ticket holder access to the event in the FEZ main building.

Starring: Norma Anthes, Susanna Karina Bauer, Ester Daniel, Martin Wagner, Mathias Eysen, Laura Louisa Garde, Anton Pohle, Berit Jung (Cello), Els Vandeweyer (Vibraphone)

Director: Johann Jakob Wurster

Book: Astrid Lindgren, based on "Winter in Lönneberga" by Tristan Berger, produced for the Astrid Lindgren Stage by Thomas Sutter

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