Healthy Eating For Kids - How To?

Expert talk for parents with children aged 5 and up

Now not later! Healthy eating during unusual times!

My child only eats fast food. What can I do if they refuse to eat fruit and vegetables? How much chocolate and sweets is too much? What healthy soft drinks are available?

The FEZ warmly invites you to another round of expert talks. 
This time the topic is healthy eating for children. An nutritional expert will be joing us ans is ready for your questions.i  

In particular, Kerstin Sündermann is a specialist in children's nutrition and has a wide range of ideas and suggestions to impriving daily habits and making you and your chldren more health concious as you go about your lives.

As a mother of two children herself, she knows the pitfalls full well and is well placed to give practical tips that can really be used. 

Wednesday 14th April at 7:30 pm

Digital: via WEBEX

If you wish to take part, we ask that you register in advance by writing to post(at)

The participation link will be sent to you via email 1 hour before the talk begins.