RADAU! The Open Air Show


There are no recorders in sight when RADAU take to the stage. Featuring daring styles that speak to kids - well away from the sterile children's songs you usually hear. RADAU avoids being patronising with music that is entertaining, witty and still suitable for children.

Clever hits, refreshing nonsense and tour plan stretching from north to south - the pure passion for music displayed by RADAU means the Hamburg-based group are onto a winner.

Arne Gedigk: singer, guitar, keyboard 
Christian Herzog: singer, guitar, harmonica 
Oliver Bergmann: singer, bass
Achim Erz: percussion

Our open air performances take place in accordance with the current regulations for hygiene and and social distancing.
Everyone who enters must be fully vaccinated, recovered or have a negative test. Read our FAQs for more detailed information.

Theatre Ticket: €9.50
Groups of 3+: €7.50 per person
Kindergartens & Schools with JKS Pass: €4.50 per person
Kindergartens & Schools without JKS Pass: €6.00 per person