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Escape To Freedom - A real-time adventure where working together is key

For families with children aged 10 and up

The current exhibition in the Alice Museum for Children is all about freedom. When am I free? What limits my freedom? What does freedom mean in today's world?

For the Escape To Freedom exhibition, the entire children's museum is turning into one big interactive game. Drawing on the idea of Escape Rooms, the game sees particpants transported into 5 areas dedicated to the topic of freedom. What happens when I always follow the others' expectations? Does the chip in my head really make me happy and free? Am I brave enough to report the truth in my role as a journalist? It's not always clear who or what might be perceived as a threat to freedom. That's why it's so important to work together in trying to crack the puzzle in the alloted time. Only then will you get close to freedom.

Developed with funds from the Berliner Projektfonds Kulturelle Bildung.
In cooperation with the Johann-Gottfried-Herder Gymnasium (Berlin-Lichtenberg)
Curated by pupils from 4 Berlin schools

All information about the exhibition and to our educational activities can be found here...

Museum Ticket: €6.50 per person
Families of 2+: €5.00 per person
Includes Day Ticket to FEZ

Please note: Tickets are for a limited time period and MUST be bought online in advance.

Subject to change!