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The Magic Castle - Knowledge Is Magic

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Sharpen your quills, take out your wands and get your robes ready. As the holidays begin the FEZ has removed the Magic Castle's anti-muggle spells. Come and see the amazing things that await beyond the castle doors. Is knowledge magic or is magic knowledge? Amazing adventures await the children who enter the Magic Castle during the winter holidays. Take on the role of young witches and wizards as you learn 40 magic subjects, create daring plans with your housemates, discover the nooks and crannies of Diagon Alley, fight to win the House Cup and hone your Quidditch skills. We look forward to welcoming all new students and seeing how you compare with the Harry Potters and Hermione Grangers of this magic world.

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For children aged 6 and up


Day Ticket: €6.00 per person
Families of 3+: €4.50 per person

Youth Group (Hort) Ticket: €4.50 per person

Holiday Ticket: €24.00 per person
Holiday Ticket (Hort): €18.00 per person

Includes children's museum, indoor play area and cinema
Additional material costs may apply

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