Wissen macht Spaß

1x1 with Rumpelstil

Musiktheater Rumpelstil

Recommended for Primary school , 3.-5. Klasse

Watch out! Nobody can sit comfortably here - everybody can expect to do their sums. Sowtting up on your timestables will work very well here thanks to the Rumpelstil band and their clever show. Musical multiplication, number songs, a 1-on-1 duel and video projections will help even those who dread their maths lessons. The band will play the 1 x 1 for as long as it takes the audience to sing along.

Astrid Lindgren Stage, 3rd-5th Classes, 70 minutes 
Unreserved Seating
On weekends and public holidays, tickets also allow access to the main building and the events that are taking place there.


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Theatre: €8,50 *
Families of 3+: €6,50 per person *
Kindergartens and schools with a JugendKulturService voucher:
€4.50 per person
Kindergartens and schools without a JugendKulturService voucher:
€6 per person

* On weekends, public holidays and during the school holidays the price is €1 extra.
The ticket grants the bearer access to the activities in the main building.

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Email: reservierung(at)fez-berlin.de

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