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Circus By The Sea

Berlin's Best Summer Holidays

Summer Holiday Fun for All the Family

With the start of the summer holidays, it's time for the young people of Berlin to hone their circus skills and put on a show! Combining the joy of performance and the ultimate holiday feeling, seven consecutive weekends of circus fun await families and their children. Located around one big circus tent, there will be various workshops on offer where you can learn to spin a diabolo, ride a unicycle, walk a tightrope, perform somersaults, learn tricks with devil sticks and learn to juggle. In each workshop, an expert is on hand to give tips and encourage children to perform what they've learnt in a circus show at the end of each day.
If the summer is anything like last year, you'll need a place to cool off and luckily we have a water play area with a spectacular water tower. You can make all sorts of changes to this play area. Add bridges or water wheels and try to change the direction the water flows in. Next to the water play area, you'll find a sandpit where you can make your own sandcastles and other impressive sculptures.

Creative activities from the schedule:

  • Craft your own marine creatures to take home
  • Build a collage of a stunning underwater world
  • Use beach material such as stones and shells to make baby mobiles and wind chimes
  • Design water games with natural materials
  • Construct fans for use when the mercury rises
  • Write a message in a bottle for deposit in the FEZ lake. Who will find it?
  • Draw, paint, stamp and scribble a real postcard for your grandparents and friends. Fix a stamp and post it in the FEZ postbox

"Who and what lives in the water?“

That's our motto as we explore what lies beneaths the lakes, seas and oceans. What animals and plants will you find? What can we do with water? How can we save water? How can we prevent water pollution?

Associated activities:

  • Working with paper: make starfish, jellyfish and more
  • Ocean baking: make biscuits in the shape of fish, mussels, starfish and seahorses
  • Refreshing drinks without the rubbish: mix different concoctions to quench your first in environmentally safe drinks dispensers. Try different herbs such as mint, sage and lemongrass
  • A cup of tea: experiment with different herbal brews

Day ticket: €4.00 | Families of 3+: €3.50 per person
Includes entry to boat hire, light railway and Eco Island.
Additional material costs may apply to workshops and activities

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