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Discover & Try Out Electronic Music

Thurs 9th to Sun 12th May 2024, From 12pm to 6pm

Recommended for families with children aged 6+.

Get your ears on red alert! MINIBOOTH is entering its second round!

MINIBOOTH is back for more! SUPERBOOTH is back for more! The former is THE event for introducing electronic music to young people. The latter is Europe's biggest fair for electronic music and electronic instruments. And they're both taking place in the FEZ - one after the other.

The focus of MINIBOOTH is getting kids to discover a range of electronic sounds in a fun way. They'll see how to make their own music and then potentially alter it or combine it with their own voice. They'll also get to use or even make various more unusual instruments. And of course there will be plenty of opportunity to let off steam with dance moves guaranteed.

Look forward to 30 exciting workshops, exhbitions, live shows and concerts as well as a variety of interactive activities - both inside and outside.

So tune in and have a listen - it's going to be great!

More information in April ... 

Funding Information

These workshops are taking place within the scope of the PopToGo Programme from BV-Pop – as part of their “Kultur macht Stark - Bündnisse für Bildung" project and is funded by the Federal Ministry Of Education & Research (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung or BMBF).