Family event recommended for ages 6+

Family Play Time

A whole lot of fun and crazy activities in the great outdoors - whether it be in the green meadows, the dense forest, the Eco Garden or the gentle water. This is an event for all the family with crazy activities sure to make everyone laugh. Don't forget to bring a picnic blanket too and together we'll enjoy the last few days of summer.

Why not combine your visit to Family Play Time with a visit to the theatre? A ticket for a show on the Astrid Lindgren Stage also entitles you to visit Family Play Time. Check out the theatre schedule.

Insect Villa, Seeds & Meadow Pharmacy

Nest building
Do something good for the insects. Build them a villa for them to nest in.

What are seeds and how to use them ​​​​​​
A little excursion to show you everything you can do on your balcony, your garden or anywhere else in the city...

Opening Hours & Tickets

Sat 16th + Sun 17th September
From 12pm to 6pm

Day Ticket: €5.00 per person
Families of 2+: €4.00 per person
Online Tickets

Please note: Parking at the FEZ on weekends is very limited. There is a €3.00 charge for each parking space.

Flea Market

Rent a stand and sell your second-hand children's products

As part of our Family Play Time event on 16th & 17th September, there will be a flea market where parents can buy and seel a range of products that are designed for children. So if you have clothes, footwear, toys and games for children that you no longer need, check out how to rent a stand.

Giant Games

Get into teams and decide who's playing who. It's time for some games - in giant form! We've got giant chess, giant ludo and giant connect 4.

Exhilaration On The Giant Slide

Crawling, climbing, sliding, slaloming...

Keep Rolling

All Aboard!

Try out our pedalos and our canoes. The water season is very much open at the FEZ.

Lolly Power

Replenish your energy by making (and consuming!) your own apple-based lollies. Then, head to the marble track and make creative courses.

Let's Play Darts

Dart boards for beginners and more advanced players with prizes to be won. Whether you play Round The Clock, 501 or High Score, fun is guaranteed.

Your Perfect Minute

Take part in the Nonsense Olympics and achieve your perfect minute.
Awards and certificates are to be won in games such as Tea Sling, Welly Toss, Stacking Fever, Running Belt, Umbrella Toss and Flip In The Box.

The Good Mood Farm

This is a unique farm you'll only find at the FEZ. A whole lot of fun awaits as you: 
Meet Heidi the Cow, try the bottle toss, learn to milk, race against the carrot, use a tractor, take part in snail scare, test your brain cells and play Memory.

Start Of The Garden Challenge

Start your garden challenge in the Eco Island's greenhouse with a garden quiz. Then it's onto herb discovery, planting, the mini rainforest and a treasure hunt in the cactus tower. You'll also discover the tomato fish and find out what aquaponics is

Around The World

The Moon Bean Game
Inspired by the ceramics of the Moche culture of Peru, this ancient game is as exciting as it was 1500 years ago.

We Play Plastic-Free

Play out your own family tournament with a variety of plastic-free table games. You can make your own rules as you play Stone Mikado, Lid Stacking, Spinning Tops and Lasso.

Secret Life Of Bees

Come and see our beekeeper and gain a fascinating insight into the lives of a honey bee colony. Afterwards, why not have a go at our nectar collecting game?

A Circus, A Spring Boogie & Some Footwork

An interactive circus for famlies with children, a spring boogie with glory, a venture outdoors to let off some steam and a barefoot trail to get to know your feet.

Solar Power

Experiment with the power of the sun (of course this only works if the sun comes out!)

Baking Stick Bread

Head to the campfire and learn how to make your own bread over the bonfire. Bring your picnic too.

Buckets & Spades

The covered sandpit is a great place to dig and create sandcastles. Bring along your youngest and make pictures in the sand.

Homemade Planters

A tetra pack, with a few modifications, is the perfect home for a plant. Head to a plant bazaar and pick out a plant, take part in our garden challenge and maybe win something green.

Survival Skills For City Kids

There are a lot of challenges we can find in nature such as how to chop wood, hammer nails, build a fire and tell the time. That's where a sundial comes in. How does a sundial work?

Water - Elixir For Plants, Animals & People

When playing with the water wheel, you'll see how water takes its course. Guide it along, ladle it out and use it to water the plants and flowerbeds in the eco garden.