Note regarding data protection

If this internet site involves the option of entering personal or commercial information (email addresses, names, addresses), this information is divulged by the user on an expressly voluntary basis. The use of all the services offered – if technically possible and reasonable – is also permitted without such information and/or with the provision of anonymised information or a pseudonym.

The protection of personal information is a matter of importance to FEZ-Berlin. User data is collected within the framework of the statutory regulations. There are technical and organisational measures in place to guarantee compliance with the regulations regarding data protection. When visiting the website, it may be that information is stored in the form of a cookie on the user’s computer. However, no personal information from the user that could be used to determine the latter's identity is saved, only the internet protocol address. You can adjust your browser settings to switch off cookies.

Use of the portal is largely possible without disclosing personal information. If personal information such as your name, address or email address is requested for individual services (including the newsletter and forum), the provision of this information is always voluntary and with the explicit consent of the user. On no account is this information forwarded to third parties. You can delete the information saved on the portal at any time.

The information is saved on protected servers. Even so, an internet security breach may occur with any transfer of data.

Complete protection of the information from access by third parties is not possible.