If you can't come to the FEZ, we'll bring the FEZ to you!

From now on, we'll be publishing interesting, games, ideas, tips and tricks to keep you entertained and maintain the FEZ spirit. You can do them with your siblings, your parents or, in some cases, on your own.
Try them out, get involved and let us know on Facebook if you enjoyed them. We'd also be happy if you could post your own fun ideas on Facebook.
Hopefully, this way, we'll miss each other a little bit less. Have fun and see you soon in the FEZ! 

FEZ@Home CHALLENGE - Creative Life Hacks

Let your friends know you're thinking of them. Today creative life hack shows you how to make cool friendship bracelets. So simple but a nice gesture all the same!

We hope you enjoy making them!


How to do the FEZ when stuck at home? Instead of bombarding you with our weekend events, we're providing you with various ideas for things to do chez vous. New challenges await for you to do on your own, with your siblings or with your parents. Get involved and we look forward to seeing your comments, photos and videos.

FEZ@Home CHALLENGE - also available at Facebook.com/fezberlin.

FEZ@Home CHALLENGE - Makeover

Sweatpants also the order of the day for you when in lockdown? If so, then we've got juszt the challenge for you.

Tightrope Walking With Fitnosaurus Flex 4

Today, we're going up. Get ready for a lofty adventure above the city. Just don't look down!


Make a nice card and send it to someone who would love to receive it. Maybe your grandparents or a friend you haven't seen in aaaages.


FEZ@Home CHALLENGE - Window Challenge

Take a deep breath, open the window and go!

FEZ@Home CHALLENGE also on Facebook.com/fezberlin


Funny Fridays With Kathrin

Bored? We've got a new challenge for you. Have a a look at our Facebook page and let us know how you get on.


Party Challenge With Barbara

Hello one and all! An exclusive party at your house? Take a look at our tips and post your party footage at Facebook.com/fezberlin


Film Quiz With Dominik

One film and just five words. Can you guess? Take part by writing to us at


Fit With Fitnosaurus Flex 1

Our Fitnosaurus Flex is already warming up for his next 3-minute fitness programme. Take part and let us know how you're finding his fitness regime. Write to Fitnosaurus Flex at https://www.facebook.com/fezberlin/


Fit With Fitnosaurus Rex 2

Fitnosaurus Flex is ready for round 2. Take part in his 2nd hilarious routine. Take photos and let us know how it's going. Facebook.com/fezberlin

Dancing On The Volcano - Fitnosaurus Flex 3

There are no rules on the volcano. So today, it's a freestyle programme coming your way. What you do is up to you.



As per the measures decreed by the Berlin Senate on 14th March to reduce the spread of Coronavirus, all events in the FEZ Berlin and Berlin State Academy For Music are cancelled until further notice. In addition the swimming pool is closed, all events in the Alice Museum For Children and Astrid Lindgren Stage are postponed and school project days will not take place.

Any tickets purchased for cancelled events will be refunded on request. Either hand them in to the FEZ reception in person (please call in advance on 030 53071 500) or send an email to tickets(at)fez-berlin.de containing your full name and booking number. 

Please consult our website and our Facebook page for any further developments.

Thank you for your understanding!

The Managing Directors