FEZ Berlin - Aerial View

Photo: Michael Lindner

The FEZ Berlin: Adventure - Education - Fun

The FEZ Berlin is Europe's biggest non-profit children's, youth and family centre. It offers creative play, fun and relaxation and combines adventure, education and entertainment within its programme. Its focal areas of Global Learning, Education on Sustainable Development, European and International Education and Cultural Education offer a unique spectrum of content. With 100,000 m² of outdoor and 13,000 m² of indoor space available, the FEZ Berlin is the ideal place for a wide variety of events.

The Astrid Lindgren Stage, with a capacity of 559 seats, offers an interesting theatre program for children and families. In our Alice Museum for Children, we warmly welcome you to touch, and be touched. Young visitors can dive in, ask questions, bring their special daydreams to life and, through getting involved, find some answers for themselves. The Orbitall Space Travel Centre stands out with its unorthodox construction. It is tailored to the International Space Station (ISS). Here you can experience space travel, and all of its fascinations and benefits to society. Swimming pools, multi-purpose halls, concert halls, cinemas and attractive playgrounds invite you to try things out and get involved. About 30 clubs complete what we have to offer, especially during the afternoons and evenings.

The FEZ weekends offer families an attractive program of events. Whether it's a music festival, the German-Turkish Culture Festival or the Puppet Theatre Festival, a different theme sets the scene for each of the weekends on our site. The highlights in the FEZ are the holiday programs. Holiday attractions such as "FEZITTY - the Capital City for Children" or "The Hogwarts School of Magic" have been ranked by the children themselves as "the top draws". The FEZ is also used by children's nurseries and school classes as an extracurricular place of learning or visit.

The FEZ is visited by 850,000 people every year.