FEZ Berlin - Aerial View

Photo: Michael Lindner

The FEZ Berlin: Adventure - Education - Fun

The FEZ is a peaceful green island in the middle of the big Berlin city. Offering a plethora of cultural activities, adveture-based learning and lots of fun, it has been attracting children and families for decades. Its focus areas of digital and analogue culture, sustainable development and diversity offer a unique spectrum of content.

Europe's biggest non-profit children's, youth and family centre is located in the middle of a pleasant park in the middle of a forest. With 100,000 m² of outdoor and 13,000 m² of indoor space available, there's always something new to discover even if you're a regular visitor. Activities take place throughout the entire year. Family events across 50 weekends, special programmes during the school holidays and tailor-made projects for schools make the FEZ an inspiring place to visit for families and school groups alike.

The FEZ Berlin combines adventure, education and entertainment within its yearly schedule of events and is also unique in the facilities it offers. The Astrid Lindgren stage is home to one of the biggest children's theatres in Berlin, the Orbitall Centre provides local children with a unique opportunity to get closer to outer space and the Alice Museum for Children has won multiple international awards. Not to mention the Berlin State Academy for Music with recording studio and concert rooms, a cinema, and a 50-metre swiming pool.
As if that wasn't enough, the outdoor area also includes various playgrounds, an eco island, a mini rainforest and a beach and lake.

This special facility in the east of Berlin is a great place to bring all the family. Meet new people, play exhilarating games, embark on amazing adventures and make exciting new discoveries!

Historical Information:

  • 1919–1932: Creation of the Wuhlheide Folk & Forest Park
    by the landscape architect Ernst Harrich.
  • 1950: Wuhlheide Park becomes a "Pionier Park" and is used for the very first gathering of the Freie Deutsche Jugend (Free German Youth).
  • 1979: The FEZ building is opened as a "Pionier Palace" of the former GDR.
  • 1989: Ownership is transferred to the GDR's Ministry of Youth and Education.
  • 1990: With the fall of the Berlin Wall, a new concept is drawn up for the site, which is renamed the FEZ.
  • 1995: The FEZ Berlin, Children's, Youth and Family Centre and the Berlin State Academy for Music form the KJfz-L-gBmbH as a wholly owned subsidiary of the State of Berlin.