Fixing the FEZ Fountain - Part 2

The 2nd Crowdfunding campaign has started

Just like the FEZ itself, the fountain is 40 years old. And yet it's been 6 years since water flowed there. With the 40th birthday coming up, we're more deserate than ever to get the unique centrepiece running again. That's why the donation campaign has now gone into a second round, with another €25,000 being required to complete the restoration. Anyone can donate. The FEZ is truly grateful for every contribution. It was only thanks to the donations of 250 people in 2018 that we managed to complete the first restoration phase.

Fountain Flower

Kunsch Metallbau are the construction compnay in charge of putting back together the metal petals of the flower. After initially taking them down and counting 480 individual pieces, the company has now painstakingly restored and renovated each piece so that they can be reattached. 40 years after Mr. Kunsch rebuilt the frame of the fountain, it is his son who is now responsible for the renovation.

A Lasting Tribute

We wish to say our heartfelt thanks to everybody who donates. For that reason each donor will receive entry tickets to an event, an invitation to a big thank-you dinner or the chance to immortalise yourself or a loved one in the renovated design. For donations of €200, you can design your own tile which will be placed on the fountain floor.

Decalcifying the Tiles

The shimmering blue and green tiles beneath the metal flower are currently undergoing a process to remove limescale. Responsible for this task is restorer Thomas Schubert.
Other plans include the addition of wooden benches in the fountain's stone edge and it is also being discussed how the fountain will operate more safely and more sustainably when it is running again.

Please donate here:

Förderkreis des FEZ-Berlin e.V.
Berliner Volksbank
Account Number: 2712750009
IBAN: DE 67 1009 0000 2712 7500 09 BIC: BEVODEBB

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