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Berlin State Academy of Music

Discover music - Share music - Make music

Who doesn't know that tingling feeling when you get goosebumps from listening to a melody or a rhythm! Bringing those very feelings to people of all ages and all backgrounds, knowing how to trigger those feelings - that's what the Berlin State Academy of Music works towards and attempts to lure its visitors into. With a wide palette of apprenticeship courses, seminars and workshops on offer, the Academy aims to help group coordinators, teachers and ensemble conductors but also novices with a passion for music to share music with others around them and adopt a more professional musical approach. Whether it's choir singing, hip hop or African ryhthms that you're into - the subject field of the Academy's work extends to all musical genres from popular to classical, contemporary, and music from other cultures. With the "Klangwelten" and "Samba Syndrom" music festivals, the Berlin Music Campus, sound recordings in the studio and project days for school groups, the Academy offers people of all ages the chance to dive into a wide variety of musical activities.

Landesmusikakademie Berlin
Strasse zum FEZ 2, 12459 Berlin
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Strasse zum FEZ 2
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T: +49 (0)30-530 71 203