From left to right: Joachim Litty, Thomas Liljeberg-Markuse, Sandra Scheeres, Michael Engelmann

From left to right: Oliver Igel, Petra Pau, Thomas Krüger


From left to right: Oliver Igel, Sandra Scheeres, Manuela Schmidt, Petra Pau

Fountain Sponsors: Aykan Özdemir, Sigrid Klebba and Thomas Liljeberg-Markuse

40! Time For A Celebration!

Images from our big birthday party

We were overjoyed to welcome 4,000 guests young and old to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the FEZ building. Also many thanks to our guests of honour for taking part in the celebrations.
Thank you to everyone who attended and wished us happy birthday!
A few more images and videos can be seen below:

FEZ History - Then & Now

It's hard to imagine a more intriguing history! So much has happened in 40 years in Germany, in Berlin and at the FEZ. Founded as the Pioneer Palace in the GDR, the building survived into reunified Germany and reinvented itself. Nowadays, the FEZ regards changes as an opportunity for progress. more...

A Message From The Managing Director

Thomas Liljeberg-Markuse has been the managing director of the FEZ for nearly five years. To be celebrating the building's 40th anniversary instils an enormous sense of pride and joy. more...

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Opening Of The Film Exhibition

40 Years – 10 Films
From the Pioneer Palace in GDR times to the current leisure and recreation centre for all the family. The unique and exciting history of the FEZ Berlin is demonstrated across ten intriguing films by Cenan Köhler. more...

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Congratulations FEZ! - Messages From VIPs

The FEZ is proud to be able to count many famous local people amongst its fans. Many of them were kind enough to pass on their message of congratulations. more...

The Fountain Flows Again

After six years without water, the FEZ Fountain is back in action. So many people helped and we are grateful for every single contribution.

Our Partners

  • Mihai Danzke
  • Berliner Fenster
  • Radio TEDDY
  • Bionatic

Statements From The Employees: We Are The FEZ!

Around 100 people work at the FEZ. Every day they develop new concepts, organise tried and tested events, look for new ideas and inspirations, set up exhibitions, conerts and theatre productions. They also sweep the floor, make sure lighting and sound is correctly set up, sell food to guests, check entry tickets and create social media posts. What would the FEZ be without its employees? Read more about what motivates them here.