40 Years - 10 Films

A film exhibition in the FEZ from 28th September 2019 to 28th September 2020

Filmmaker Cenan Köhler went to ten selected locations throughout the FEZ to meet people who were once connected to or still are connected to the building in some way. He recorded their memories and anecdotes before adding some fascinating archive footage to the recordings. Each film can be viewed at the location where it was filmed until September 2020.


Special: Anniersary Films in the fezino Cinema

Special screenings of the films will take place on weekends from 30th November in fezino.
Entry to these screenings is included in the day ticket for the weekend in question

The Astrid Lindgren Stage

Lilly Jellinek is suddenly transformed into Pippi Longstocking for this film. It's quite appropriate as she meets the actress currently starring as Pippi, as well as artistic director Gabriele Hilsberg. Jana Diessner also recalls her memories of acting on stage during the Pioneer Palace's opening night and former theatre director Heidemarie Nigbuhr completes the picture of the history of children's theatre in the FEZ.

The Children's Museum

Director of the Children's Museum Claudia Lorenz discusses the initial ideas and ambitions behind the museum when she created the concept in 2011. She also reflects on the various exhibiton topics, covering everything from money to Cranach and the GDR to death and freedom. An array of archive images gives the viewer a glimpse behind the scenes of some of the museum's exhibitions.

The Connecting Element - Music

Joachim Litty is manager of the Berlin State Academy for Music which is located in the FEZ Berlin. In this film, he discusses the academy's portfolio and everything that it has to offer in what used to be a laboratory for chemical experiments during the Pioneer Palace era.

The Fountain

The FEZ's managing director, Thomas Liljeberg-Markuse explains why so much effort went into saving the FEZ fountain. The film shows some of the renovation work that was taking place at the time. Also featured are  Joachim Kunsch, whose company was responsible for installing the fountain's metal flower 40 years ago, and Joachim's son who was recently tasked with the restoration of each of the flower's leaves.

The Swimming Pool

Charly Moegelin is the long-serving manager of the FEZ pool. In this film, he discusses what his work means to him and meets Stefan Richter who, in his role as control centre manager, is responsible for maintaining the technical operation of the pool. A special project that took place a couple of years ago is also discussed, which is where we get to know Mohamed Mahmoud and Ramadan Alzaher. 

The Bees & The Tomato Fish

Children's reporter Lilly Jellinek interviews Eva Kulla, manager of the Eco Island, and the FEZ's very own beekeeper, Kriemhild Stefan. In the discussion, she learns more about the idea behind the Eco Island and how it has since grown and developed.

The Pioneer Palace

"The social concept was to offer children the opportunity a place to spend their leisure time and to develop their skills and thoughts". Kurt Franz, the first director of the Pioneer Palace and former educational director Manfred Bisanz discuss the beginnings and many transitions of the buildings.

The Universe In The FEZ

"It's an attempt to get children interested in economics and technology by showcasing the example of space and space travel" says Werner Bachmann, long-term director of the Orbitall Centre, in an interview with FEZ children's reporter Jana Marinowski. Werner goes on to explain his fascination for space travel, demonstrates how an aero wheel helps train astronauts and discusses the reinvention of the concept of the space centre after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The Foyer

In the FEZ's foyer, five people from different departments within the building were brought together. They each give fascinating insights into the development of the building and their memories are enriched by rarely-seen archive footage.

The FEZ Rescuers

Ten years after its foundation, the so-called Pioneer Palace soon found itself in trouble. This film introduces two people who saved the building after the fall of communism. Thomas Krüger was a youth senator in Berlin and Lutz-Stephan Mannkopf became the FEZ managing director for its first 20 years. The pair share their story of how they saved the building from being sold to Disneyland.