Adventiamo, Sat 2nd to Sun 17th December, Sat + Sun from 12pm to 6pm

Theatre in Advent
Michel: Christmas in Lönneberga
Sat 2nd to Fri 7th December

Alice Museum Exhibition: Susi & Us - To Look Or To Look Away

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Sat 2nd - Sun 17th December, every Sat + Sun from 12pm to 6pm

Berlin's Creative Kids' Christmas Market | recommended for ages 6+

We love Advent at the FEZ and ADVENTIAMO is back once again! Everyone is invited to indulge in relaxed Christmas spirit beneath Berlin's biggest Christmas tree and get creative. Online Tickets

Berlin Says Thank You -

The FEZ Berlin also says THANK YOU to the city's volunteers and is therefore taking part in the event on 2nd December to honour those who give their free time for others.
In total, 50 free tickets are available to the Adventiamo event and can be obtained by showing your volunteer ID card.


Pablo Picasso painted the Dove of Peace in 1949 to mark the International Peace Congress in Paris, held in 1949.
The Dove of Peace has since become a worldwide symbol of understanding and a call for peaceful coexistence.
Following the concepts of democracy, tolerance and openness, we see our work as an educational promotional tool for a sustainable and respectful world in the future. more...

3rd Place At The Children In Museums Awards

The Alice Museum For Children recently was awarded 3rd place in the category 'best hands-on museums in the world' at the Children in Museums 2023 award ceremony. The 'Susi & Us: To Look Or To Look Away' exhibition was praised by chair of the jury, Leigh-Anne Stradeski for its necessary and courageous subject matter.

Alice Museum For Children

Susi & Us: To Look Or To Look Away | Recommended for ages 10+
An exhibition based on the book "Susi, die Enkelin von Haus Nummer 4" that deals with the topics of civil courage.
On weekends and public holidays, the museum can be visited at no extra cost if you have a ticket for the main event in the FEZ.

Swimming At The FEZ

The FEZ indoor pool is open.
Please be aware of changes to our opening times.
Tickets are sold solely from the FEZ box office on site. Opening Hours & Prices

Let's Go To The Theatre!

Draw - Solve Puzzles - Write Stories!
As the new theatre season gets underway, we've created a giant picture for you with lots of individual stories eveywhere you look. You'll surely recognise many of them from plays you have seen on our stage. Come and have a look! Theatre Schedule

Extra-Curricular Activities 2023/24

School with a difference?

The FEZ Berlin is a partner for extra-curricular activities for schools in the region. We wish every pupil a good time. more...

Highlight: Christmas Special In The Future Lab

From Mon 4th to Fri 15th December
Recommended for classes 5 and up (ages 10+)

Classes will spend two days in the laboratory creating night lights and learning more about 3D printing. An introduction into creating basic electronics is the goal of the workshop. more...

The Mark Of True Friendship! – MiSCHMiT

From 10th December 2023
Friendship is defined as a relationship between two or more people charactarised by mutual affection, sympathy and trust. But how do I go about finding good friends? How do friendships influence my life? What is the mark of a true friendship?

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